Concrete flooring is one of the elegant and simple types of floors. It is protected from conditions that lead to deteriorations because it is not exposed to the outdoors. This does not mean that you don’t have to steal your floor because it is one of the ways that you can give it some shape. Therefore there are various coatings that you can use which include cementitious compounds, urethane coatings, resin coatings, and polyaspartic coatings. Additionally, terrazzo can also be used.

I know you might be wondering why will you require to seal your floor right? Concrete grinding and polishing advised that the sealants have various purposes and the most important one is for protection against damage, stains, and scratches. It will also make cleaning stains and spills easier. That is why you should not compromise with sealing your concrete floor.


Does the concrete floor needs to be polished?

The concrete floor should also be polished because polishing creates lustrous and hards surface. It also offers extra protection which prevents scratches and stain on the floor.

How much does it cost to polish concrete floor?

The pricing may differ among the contractors but the average cost of a polished concrete floor is 2000 dollars per 200 square foot room. The cost of concrete is between 3- 6 dollars per foot depending on the floor where it should be installed.

What is the difference between honed and polished concrete?

Honed concrete offers matte appearance or a slight clarity reflection with high, medium or low. On the other hand, polished concrete offers glass-like reflection like that of a mirror. The appearance of these two types of concrete is attributed to the type of sealer which is used. Currently, the best sealer on the market is acrylic or epoxy because of its durability and Elegance.

Do you need to seal the concrete after grinding?

Grinding creates a smooth surface that gives a decorative appearance. Therefore there are two options in which you can finish concrete after grinding. These include polishing and grinding. The sealing process involves using a coating such as acrylic and epoxy. This is to protect it from spills and stains depending on the type of sealant that is used. On the other hand, polishing creates a glamorous surface and it also offers extra protection against stains and scratches.

How do you Polish and seal the concrete?

Polishing the concrete is very simple. You need to clean the surface, smoothen it with a grinder, use a buffer and seal the surface.

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