ICPAN Nursery and The Espalier Tree and Trellis Company, had an overwhelming response to their retail site at this year’s “Melbourne and International Flower and Garden Show”, held at the Exhibition Building in Melbourne. Custom designed frames displayed plants to their full potential.

With the shrinking size of today’s urban garden space, exhibition visitors showed great interest in how our plants are being used to transform backyards into “Garden Rooms”. We demonstrated how plant frames can be used in everyday garden situations, as partitions and as featured productive displays on walls and fenced areas. These applications create not only a beautiful display, but also a wonderful private screening.

This was our first exhibition of custom-designed and purpose built frames to complement our espaliered plants. Frame designs were provided by business partner, Mr. Rex Swindle-Hurst of The Espalier Tree and Trellis Company. 

Garden Development

We specialise in the management and development of fine gardens in the Mornington Peninsula area, managing gardens and commercial plantations to the highest standards.

Our projects include the management of olive groves, apple orchards etc, as well as maintaining large manicured private estates for some of the finest properties on the Mornington Peninsula.

We have past experience in presenting properties for the Australian Open Garden Scheme, as well as properties for large scale private functions.

• “Spring Gully”, Gardening Consultant

• “Paringa Hill”, Head Gardener, Property Manager

• “Croft”, Head Gardener, Horticultural Supervisor

• “Kilinor”, Property Manager

• “Whitecliffs”, Garden Development and Managed (Paul Bangay designed)

Phone Mike on 0419 528 434 for a consultation.
Our professional team are highly skilled to manicure or further develop your property.

Espaliers are fantastic space savers and therefore ideal for small gardens or for defining particular spaces. They can be a wonderful garden feature, just as much as they are a productive plant, in fact, a plant that has been espaliered produces fruit more abundantly than a free form bush.

Product Range and Pricing

Our plants are grown in two main sizes: 400mm pot with 1.2mm timber frame. $250.00 unpainted – $270.00 painted.
500mm pot with 1.5mm timber frame. $300.00 unpainted – $350.00 painted.

Plant Care

Feeding: Plants kept in containers will require some seasonal feeding. This is mainly during Spring and Autumn. We recommend using a mix of Blood and Bone, Lucerne hay and chook manure to fertilise. Using a different fertiser every so often, like a liquid based citrus food will guard against nutrient deficiencies.Two applications through the growing season will keep your plant healthy and in good fruit.

Watering: Espalier plants are the easiest plants to care for. They will require plenty of water while maturing, and during fruiting. The best way to ensure your plant receives enough water, is to place a saucer under the pot. Water the plant until the saucer is full, letting the plant take up the water from the saucer and not watering again until the soil looks grey or dry on top.

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